Monday, August 15, 2011

Bloody Big Trees

Once again, I have reviewed a residence that has undergone considerable damage from bloody big trees. This time, there was a new garage / storage library, attached to the house. Once again, I assume high plastic clay. There was an small existing garage that created uneven soil moisture (assumed). Floor slab movements since the first inspection indicate shallow highly non-uniform settlement. The entire garage on shallow piles, 12 feet, is also settling, more closed to the trees. This implies that the desiccated crust is thickening. The desiccated crust is the result of the first cycle since the deposit was deposited drying out. We are starting to see a lot of similar issues in that area. There is no easy solution, other than to construct on deep foundation, or no big trees.

The entire house is surrounded with massive spruce trees and little drainage. The major offending massive deciduous trees belong to the neighbor, and the City has several close by. Now what?

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