Thursday, June 2, 2011

Difficult Clients

Difficult clients occur. They just want what they want, even though what they want is impossible, or not what they need, or just not what we provide. That may be the easiest way to look at it, as simply not what we provide. If we provide something that will not work for them, it is difficult to get paid. That is what makes working with armatures so difficult. By armatures, I mean first timers, virgins, at what ever they are doing, property development, privates building house, home builders doing custom homes, or commercial work, commercial contractors moving to industrial or institutional work, or from the oil industry to our construction field.

We do what we do, but are willing to change as long as it does not compromise our own standards, ethic, or logic. We work on paper and in the real world. The two must match.

Some client are just not worth having. The liability is just to much for the money it will provide.

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